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Feasibility analysis of the application of spandex in the field of training pants

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Polyurethane fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber with high elasticity and high elongation. Spandex is an essential monosodium glutamate textile raw material in the modern textile and garment industry. It has excellent performance and dosage, and the dosage in the fabric is small, but it can greatly improve the wearability and added value of the final product. After decades of rapid growth, China's spandex industry has strong market competitiveness in traditional spandex varieties. With the continuous expansion of spandex application field, great breakthroughs have been made in the development of differentiated and functional varieties and technologies. At present, differentiated products such as sanitary spandex, dyeable spandex, high temperature resistant spandex and chlorine resistant spandex are constantly innovating. Training pants are disposable products, which are composed of nonwovens, absorbent core and elastic materials. In recent years, with the liberalization of the national two-child policy, the improvement of people's living standards and the transformation of the new generation of consumption concept, the consumption growth rate is high and the market development potential is huge. Spandex is widely accepted as an elastic material in the training pants industry, and the market demand is also increasing.

Current application scenarios of spandex

The excellent properties of spandex make its application fields continue to expand. In the past, spandex was used as monosodium glutamate for textiles, mainly used for clothing cuffs, necklines and socks. Now it has expanded from functional fabrics to apparel fabrics, from knitwear to woven fabrics, from underwear to outerwear; it has expanded from the textile field to industrial, biomedical and other application fields, including automotive interiors, leisure sports equipment, Medical bandages, health products (e.g. body sculpting, sports knee pads), diapers for children and the elderly, and artificial organ materials. At the same time, the proportion of spandex used in the original field is also increasing, and the demand for spandex in the original downstream field is also increasing.


Feasibility analysis of spandex used in trainning pants

trainning pants Elasticity-related requirements are snug, which is a basic requirement. As one of the main components, elastic material not only needs to improve the leak-proof performance of the product and make it more comfortable to wear, but also meet the market's requirements for fit. Currently, 90% of manufacturers use spandex elastic material. With the development of the times, the manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, and consumers' demand for elasticity has gradually increased from the initial protection and leak-proof function to fit, comfort and beauty. The application of elastic materials in trainning pants has also gradually transitioned from the most basic leg circumference and three-dimensional girth to elastic waist circumference, elastic ear stickers, elastic ring waist, elastic hip hugging and other parts.


It can be seen that the product characteristics of spandex and training pants are consistent, and spandex can meet its elastic requirements. We can expect spandex to play a role in the manufacture of training pants in the future.


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