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Panty liner manual

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The structure of the panty liner is that there is a layer of plastic at the bottom, which has poor air permeability, which will keep part of the temperature and environmental humidity at a high level for a long time. The interaction between the two makes people unable to leave the pad, resulting in a vicious cycle. Under normal circumstances, the PH value of female pudenda is between 3.8-4.2, which may produce pure natural maintenance and resist bacteria. There is no need to use such products at all.

The long-term use of the pad not only creates suitable conditions for the growth and development of bacteria and fungi, but also destroys the pH of the guide, reducing the function of partially maintaining the natural barrier, and naturally it is possible to suffer from gynecological diseases.

Change your underwear every day


The surface layer of the sanitary pad ensures the freshness of the underwear, but does not guarantee the protection of pathogenic bacteria, so it is reasonable to change the underwear every day.


Pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva


The vulva must be cleaned daily. When cleaning, you can't use your own lotion, and you can't blindly follow the trend to wash the vagina.


Pay attention to the ventilation performance of the product


Using expired or substandard products can cause vaginitis, so it is very important to buy products with good ventilation performance and guaranteed hygienic quality.


The cushion is generally used before and after the female physiological period or in the process of inconvenient cleaning such as traveling. It should not be used at other times. In our daily life, we should immediately change and wash clothes, clean the vagina every day, use lotion when necessary, and use it properly and effectively to make us say goodbye to the disease.


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