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Maternity pad knowledge

# Maternity pad

During pregnancy, in order to have a better delivery, women must do various preparations, such as preparing a maternity bag before giving birth, these are all things that need to be done. Then let the editor introduce you to the corresponding knowledge of the maternity pad in the maternity bag.


What is the use of the maternity pad?

Postnatal pads must be used during production. Whether it is a caesarean section or a natural birth, you must prepare in advance to avoid stains on the sheets, and it is more convenient and safer to use than paper towels and aunt towels.


How to use the maternity pad?

In the first week after childbirth, there are many lochia, which is red, with more blood, less blood type, and decidual tissue necrosis, which is called red lochia. Within a week to half a month, the blood volume in the lochia decreases, and a large number of necrotic decidua, cervical mucus, female secretions and bacteria turn the lochia into a reddish serous fluid. Lochia at this time is called serous lochia. Lochia. After half a month to 3 weeks, there will be no blood in the lochia, but there will be a large number of white blood cells, decidua, epidermal cells and bacteria, which will make the lochia thick and white, hence the name white lochia.

It is best to use postpartum pads when there is a lot of lochia. Some moms feel embarrassed after giving birth. In order to better prevent the bedding from getting dirty, this is also the most suitable choice. This product can be used directly on the quilt cover. If you choose to give birth naturally, you don't need to prepare much in advance. If you choose a cesarean section, you need to prepare a lot in advance. The product is one-time use and can be discarded after use, no need to be recycled again.

Maternity mats

How much should pregnant women prepare in advance?

Postpartum pads do not require much preparation in advance. Lying in bed with a layer of gauze can prevent lochia spills and dirty sheets, especially during a cesarean section. Prepare 3-4 sheets, choose natural childbirth is enough, and use sanitary napkins after recovery. If the pregnant mother chooses a cesarean section in advance, the hospitalization time will be longer, so you need to be more prepared.


Although the puerperal cushion is not used very much, it will be used that day. Therefore, mothers need to have a certain understanding of this product in advance.


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