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Advantages of sanitary napkins for parturients


Introduction: Sanitary napkins for parturients is specially developed and designed for pregnant women with sensitive skin. It has its uniqueness and importance. It is one of the essential products for pregnant women before and after delivery. Because of the special physical conditions of pregnant women, they need to pay great attention to their daily necessities. Sanitary napkins for parturients has its own characteristics, mainly including:


Professional sterilization


Sanitary napkins for parturients have undergone rigorous quality inspection to achieve sterility testing, and a piece of aunt towel has a uniform net weight. Because of the poor use of postpartum sanitary napkins, it is very easy to cause reproductive system infections, because it is necessary to choose high-quality aunt napkins for pregnant women.


Soft material


The special aunt towel for pregnant women is developed and designed for the unique physiological condition of pregnant women, and the needs of postpartum mothers are taken into account in the material and design. The aunt towel for pregnant women is very soft and has a very good air permeability. It is more suitable for the sensitive period of pregnant women, and it also has a certain protective effect on the wound.


Good absorption.


The special aunt towel for pregnant women is used to absorb postpartum lochia, and the amount of lochia in confinement is usually relatively large, especially in the first three days. It is necessary to use a small aunt special towel for pregnant women to avoid the situation of "side leakage".

Maternity sanitary napkins

Good air permeability


Because pregnant women have wounds after giving birth, they need to pay close attention to the ventilation performance, otherwise it will lead to the growth of bacteria and inflammation of the wound. If you choose natural birth, it is not recommended to use sanitary napkins for parturients, because choosing natural birth will cut the wound sideways, and the poor ventilation effect will endanger wound repair.


Sanitary napkins for parturients are commodities that are independently researched and developed as a medical catalogue, so it is proved that the best use in the process of childbirth is this kind of sanitary napkins, rather than the types of sanitary napkins commonly used.


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