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What to do if the dry cover sanitary napkin machine is flooded?

# Sanitary Napkins

What to do if the dry cover sanitary napkin machine is flooded?

  1. Cut off all power supplies and ensure that the whole machine is off the grid.
  2. When there is a hidden danger of water in the workshop, please stop immediately and turn off the main power supply to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. If conditions allow, pad up the whole line; if not, please protect the main motor, power cabinet, mobile operation screen and other core components, and partially pad up.
  3. If water has entered, please remove the motor and surrounding electrical parts, flush with water and remove surface dirt and impurities.
  4. Deal with each part separately.

Dry mesh sanitary napkin machinery

How to deal with the hidden danger of water in the electric cabinet?

  1. Take measures to prevent rainwater backflow, take cable trench drainage and fire blocking measures, also consider whether the electrical cabinet needs temporary waterproofing.
  2. Increase the threshold height of the power distribution room door. A small amount of water seepage in the cable trench is not a big problem because the cable surface material is waterproof. The cable trench should be covered with a cover to prevent large areas of incoming cable from being submerged in water.
  3. To prevent short-circuit explosion, power outage measures should be taken immediately, cut off the main power supply to send someone to watch. Note: If there is water around the distribution cabinet, do not use your hands when disconnecting, use insulated rods or dry wood, wear insulated gloves, wear protective glasses and stand on insulated mats to prevent huge arcing electrocution accidents.


How to deal with the water in the distribution cabinet after the rain?

  1. The electric control cabinet needs to check the appearance first. If there is obvious humidity or immersion phenomenon, it cannot be sent to power immediately, there must be professional electricians to carry out the following checks.
  2. Use the measuring pen to check whether the electric control cabinet shell is charged.
  3. Check the internal control circuit of the electric control cabinet. Control air open. Intermediate relay. Wiring terminal blocks and other low-voltage components are damp. If damp, need to be dealt with timely with processing tools, need to replace the obvious rusted components.
  4. Before the electrical cabinet is powered on, the insulation of each load cable needs to be measured. If the stator rated voltage is lower than 500V, use 500V shaking table to measure. Insulation value is not less than 0.5mω, the cabinet components should be handled to deal with.


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