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What safety matters should be noted in the production of imported imported American cotton sanitary napkin machine?

Imported American cotton sanitary napkin machine The safety matters that the operating workers should pay attention to:


  1. Wear tight-fitting protective clothing and do not open the cuffs; wear protective caps for long hair; do not wear gloves when operating.


  1. Loading and unloading chucks on the spindle should be done after stopping, and the power of the motor is not allowed to take the chucks.


  1. The protruding part of the chuck, dial and chicken heart clamp that clamps the workpiece should preferably use a protective shield to avoid strangling to clothes or other parts of the body. If there is no shield, pay attention to leave when operating, do not get too close.

Sanitary napkin machinery

  1. When using the top clamping workpiece, should pay attention to the top and the center hole exactly the same, do not use damaged or tilted top, wipe the top before use. The center hole is clean, and the rear tailstock top is firm.


  1. When cutting long and thin workpieces, use the center stand or follow tool stand to ensure safety. imported American cotton sanitary napkin machine parts should be marked.


  1. When cutting irregularly shaped workpiece, balance block should be installed and test rotation balance before cutting.


  1. The tool should be firmly clamped, and the extended part of the tool head should not exceed 1.5 times the height of the tool body, and the shape of the spacer under the tool. The size should be consistent with the shape and size of the knife body, and the shim should be as little and flat as possible.


  1. Use hooks to remove the cut ribbon chips and spiral long chips in time and eliminate the hand pulling situation.


  1. Transparent baffle should be installed in proper position to prevent chip injury.


  1. Except for the gauge equipped with automatic measurement in operation on imported American cotton sanitary napkin machine, you should stop measuring the workpiece and move the tool holder to a safe position.


  1. When grinding the surface of workpiece with abrasive cloth, move the tool to a safe position and take care not to let hands and clothes touch the surface of workpiece.


  1. When grinding the inner hole, do not use your fingers to support the abrasive cloth, but use a wooden stick instead, and do not use too fast speed.


  1. It is forbidden to put the tool, fixture or workpiece on the imported American cotton sanitary napkin machine bed and spindle gearbox.


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