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Selection of sanitary napkins

# Sanitary Napkins

Choose sanitary napkins can not only look at the outer packaging box and price, we must pay attention to the surface layer, which is very important. At this stage, there are three kinds of surface layers available on the market: mesh, cotton and silk.

Type of finish

Mesh surface: generally non-woven fabric, with a significant sense of plastic layer;


Soft cotton or pure cotton: there is no real pure cotton. You can see it by baking with fire. After burning, there is a lot of choking smell, as if it is burning plastic, and the ingredients after burning are also plastic;


Silk: it can be roasted by fire. The smell after burning has the smell of burning body hair. The burned material will become powder and float as soon as the wind blows.

Choice of sanitary napkins

Category of chips

Cool: it will not destroy the acidic natural environment of women's vagina, let alone cause less menstrual flow. As long as the environmental sanitation meets the standard, which kind of application is just a personal habit. However, it should be noted that women with sensitive skin and allergic constitution should be cautious in using products with spices and pharmaceutical chemicals to prevent skin irritation and allergic symptoms.


Herbaceous plants: they have certain functions, but they may not be completed and absorbed in sanitary napkins. Some of the herb publicity plans have some health care and treatment methods for women, which can't be believed. On the one hand, there is no safe and reliable proof that the effect of this publicity and planning is specific and reasonable. On the other hand, because the structure of the skin is high-density and the absorption of drugs is relatively limited, even drugs that are proved to be reasonable at other levels do not mean that they are equally reasonable for sanitary napkins.


New technology type: far infrared ray, anion, nano silver, etc. This kind of functional goods is very rare in the general sales market. It is generally applied after the specific guidance of doctors in the outpatient department of the hospital. The N3 model of REE is this product, so you can only buy it in hospitals and pharmacies.


Red bean shirt: yew extract, paclitaxel, etc. This kind has a wide range of practical effects, that is, it has the effect of removing melanin, but this product is generally used with silk surface, and the effect of removing melanin will be more significant, but the cost of this kind will be high, so it is generally very expensive to sell.


There are more and more categories of sanitary napkins, but the specific basic functions and the application of materials have basically not changed. Therefore, no matter how the sales market evolves, it is no problem to carry out the selection of the most substantive items suitable for their own conditions.


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