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Function of negative ion chip sanitary napkin

Negative ion chip sanitary napkins are slowly becoming more common in the market and are loved by some women, so what is the reason why more and more women love such goods?


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  1. Activating cells
  2. Purify blood night
  3. Relieve fatigue
  4. Stabilize the autonomic nervous system
  5. Enhance resistance
  6. Pain relief
  7. Longevity and longevity

Negative ion chip sanitary napkin

  1. Activating cells: The human body absorbs negative ions to produce effects on cell membranes and promote K, NA ion exchange.
  2. Purify blood night: Negative ions can activate basal metabolism and remove waste and toxic and harmful substances.
  3. Relieve fatigue: Negative ions can make body fluids weakly alkaline and resist the effects of lactic acid and other exhausting elements.
  4. Stabilize the autonomic nervous system: Negative ions harm the stress response function of the central nervous system of the plant and adjust the autonomic nervous system disorder.
  5. Enhance resistance: negative ions activate the function of the reticuloendothelial system, enhance the gamma globulin in the blood, improve the quality and total number of white blood cells, and enhance the function of the white blood cells to swallow bacteria.
  6. Pain relief: Positive ions are acidic in human body fluids, causing qi and blood to be blocked, basal metabolism sluggish, and causing pain. Inhaling the appropriate negative ions, the pH of the body fluid is unbalanced, and it will be properly corrected, thereby achieving the actual effect of pain relief.
  7. Longevity and longevity: Negative ions can efficiently scavenge free radicals and reduce the content of serotonin in the central nervous system.


In this way, the negative ion chip sanitary napkin can become more and more popular, much loved by everyone is a certain reason, after all, the negative ion chip sanitary napkin can not only achieve the general sanitary napkin function, in addition to a large number of excellent unique features it.


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