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Market analysis of pull pants

# pull-up pants

Pull-ups provide a healthy growing environment for babies and make it easier for parents to take care of their newborns. Especially in recent years, the industry market has maintained a rapid development, in which baby pull-ups have maintained a 30% growth rate, with a wide variety of brands, such as Pampers, Kao, Curious, Mummy's Baby, Sharpie, etc.. These brands have high market prices and higher profits than traditional household paper. At the same time, with China's economic level and as well as the income level of urban and rural residents continue to improve, people's spending power is increasing, paying for children will become more and more common. And because of this, the expansion of its market size is predictable.

Market Environment

According to relevant monitoring data, in 2020, foreign imported brands still occupy the leading market position on seven mainstream Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Jingdong and Suning, while domestic brands such as Aneroy and Quark's are also ranked within the top ten. With the gradual opening of domestic policies, the competition in China's baby pull-ups market is becoming increasingly fierce. However, while fighting for a share of this market, it is inevitable to deal with the impact from foreign big brand manufacturers. At present, foreign companies have occupied half of the market, with a sales share of more than 50%, and the remaining sales share is shared by a number of domestic brand manufacturers. In this environment, the pressure and challenges faced by domestic counterparts are increasing.


Policy Conditions

With the gradual opening of China's three-child policy, China's baby pull-up market will see a spring. According to the statistics of China's National Bureau of Statistics, since the opening of China's two-child policy, China's birth population has not risen but fallen, which is due to the decrease in the number of women during the period of peak fertility, resulting in a decrease in China's birth population. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researchers, the future birth rate in China has a lot of room for increase, along with the support of the policy, and the continuous development of the economic level, China's birth population will gradually grow, and this will also greatly stimulate the rapid development of China's baby pull-up market.


User Concept

China has different characteristics from other developed countries in terms of consumption habits of baby pull-ups, especially in rural areas of China, many families mix traditional cotton diapers with pull-ups and use them only when they go out or at night, and in addition, in many families, the elderly often diaper their children. However, with the realization of a moderately prosperous society in China, people's income level has been increasing, which has promoted the change of people's consumption concept, thus paying more attention to safety and hygiene. Therefore, in the process of choosing products with higher performance and more suitable for children's health, they will pay more attention to safety and hygiene.


In the face of the infinite future potential of the pull-up market, companies also need to continue to improve the comprehensive performance of the product, continuous innovation, in the fierce competitive environment to stand out and stand at the top of the industry.


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