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Adult Pull Up Pants Market Analysis

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Adult pull-up products in China first appeared around 1997. Due to the rapid development of China's economy and the increase in people's income level, it has prompted a change in people's consumption concept. At the same time, a combination of factors such as the deepening aging of the population has led to the continuous acceptance of the product by Chinese residents, an expanding market and a significant increase in the number of audiences. On the other hand, the rapid development of e-commerce has played a huge role in driving the sales of the product, and can even be a good way to improve the embarrassing situation of being too shy to buy.

Aging population drives adult market growth

At present, my country's population aging problem is serious, and it has completely entered an aging society. According to the Office of the China Committee on Aging, there are currently 37.5 million seniors over the age of 65 who need long-term care in China. In addition, it is conservatively estimated that incontinence patients such as paralysis under the age of 65, about 40 million elderly people in China need adult pull-ups. At present, the penetration rate of China's adult pull-ups market is only 3%. According to the global market penetration rate of 12%, the size of China's adult market will reach 10 billion yuan in the future.


Growing GDP per capita and changing consumption habits accelerate market development

However, with the deepening of my country's reform and opening up and changes in people's consumption concept, in recent years, the per capita usage of adult pull-ups first- and second-tier cities in my country has reached the level of developed countries. I believe that in the near future, the per capita level of my country's products will reach the level of developed countries. In addition, some data show that adult pull-ups per capita consumption is proportional to the country's per capita GDP. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, China's per capita GDP has continued to rise, and the demand for high-quality life has become higher and higher. Therefore, high-end adult pull-ups products still have strong competitiveness.



At present, the penetration rate of China's adult pull-ups market is still lower than that of foreign developed countries. With the development of China's economy and the change of people's consumption concept, I believe that the domestic market will develop rapidly in the near future, and the profits will become larger and larger, which means that the market competition will become more and more fierce. Therefore, domestic enterprises should adopt different development strategies according to their own conditions to expand market share: (1) rely on strong R&D strength to optimize product structure and enhance product competitiveness; (2) introduce advanced testing technology, strengthen product quality testing, Reassure consumers; (3) increase sales channels. In addition to traditional sales channels, other sales channels such as WeChat, Taobao, and should also be added.


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