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Future development trend of training pants core

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In addition to training pants, the composite core has a broader market, including anti overflow milk pad, perinatal care pad, pet care and so on. The future development can consider improving the performance of products from two aspects of structure and materials. On the one hand, use more new materials. At present, due to the limited diffusion performance, the effective utilization rate of the core is about 60% ~ 70%. With the development of new material technology, its future development trend is strong diffusion performance, high utilization rate, lighter and more comfortable. On the other hand, with the cross application of multi-disciplinary technology, the reverse osmosis and air permeability of training pants will be more excellent.

1.Application of new materials

The application of new materials in the core of training pants is developing slowly. In the future, the application of new materials will mainly develop into functional materials, super absorbent fiber (SAF), 3D printing, biodegradation and so on. In order to meet the different needs of different users, the application of new materials will pay more attention to the needs of product functions. At the same time, the application of new materials can also effectively reduce the environmental burden and contribute to environmental protection.


2.Application of new structure

With the development of papermaking technology, textile technology and chemical technology, the cross application of multi-disciplinary and multi industry technology will promote the diversified development of composite core structure of training pants, such as directional diversion, gradient liquid absorption and diffusion. Under the condition of optimizing the penetration time as much as possible, the operational analysis structure can greatly improve the performance and play a better role.


3.Personalized design of core

The consumer demand of different groups is an important basis for the design of training pants and core. For example, the products can be further subdivided according to the different urination positions of male and female infants. By changing the position of the diversion layer, the exclusive products for male infants and female infants can be developed. Through observation, it can be found that they have been distinguished in the market and have been put on the upper and lower platforms of each major line; It is developed according to the physiological characteristics of the baby's crawling period; Climbing Pants & rdquo;, It has twice the elastic waist circumference, which can automatically adjust the waist circumference with the baby's movement, fit the body shape, and make the baby don't have to worry about leakage when crawling freely.


In addition, targeted development should be carried out according to the consumption capacity and demand of consumers in different regions. In some areas, babies use 6 or more training pants a day, while in some areas, they only use 1 ~ 2 pants a day. With different use frequencies, consumers have different requirements for the liquid absorption capacity of training pants. On the other hand is the design of the absorption core. Some consumers think that the thin core is breathable, while others think that the thick core does not reverse osmosis. Manufacturers can customize according to different preferences of consumers.


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