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Is it better to choose soft thin sanitary napkin or mesh?

Sanitary napkins are the most frequently used daily necessities for women, so for the various products sold in the market, should you choose soft thin sanitary napkin or the mesh sanitary napkin?

1.Pay attention tothe material

The surface of the product is in direct contact with the skin, and its material affects the comfort of use and its harm to health. In order to choose a product with guaranteed quality and safety, it is necessary to pay great attention to its materials. The so-called mesh surface sanitary napkin, the professional term is PE perforated film surface sanitary napkin, is made of polyethylene plastic with a number of small round holes, which is extremely permeable. The soft thin sanitary napkin mentioned is actually made of chemical fiber raw materials or pure natural non-woven fabrics, not pure natural cotton batts. Of course, it cannot achieve the air permeability performance of pure natural cotton.

2.Pay attention to the skin-friendly

Mesh products have many fine porosity on the surface, and the skin is often swollen when touched and rubbed, and the comfort is low. Compared with mesh sanitary napkins, soft thin sanitary napkin feels very comfortable. Generally, it is made of pure natural non-woven fabrics. It has less friction and is more comfortable when it touches the skin.

soft thin sanitary napkin is more suitable for women who are prone to skin allergies, while mesh products have fast penetration, but they are hard and astringent, which is very easy to cause skin allergies due to skin friction.

3.Pay attention toleakproofness

Mesh products, because there are many fine porosity on the surface, can quickly digest and absorb menstrual blood, and are not easy to leak. And soft thin sanitary napkin, the digestion and absorption effect is slightly discounted, although the friction with the skin is small and more comfortable, it is very easy to leak.


In general, the menstrual period is a special period for girls. In order to prevent other situations from occurring, attention must be paid to the selection of sanitary napkins.


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