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The importance of stainless steel bearings for maternity sanitary napkin machine

Maternity sanitary napkins machine usually consists of multiple components. Perhaps in early use, we do not pay much attention to certain parts of the equipment, but after a period of time, minor failures of small parts can often cause the entire machine to fail to operate properly. Machine cost is high, once the failure often means a small financial loss, must pay attention to the good cooperation of the various parts of the equipment to help more stable operation. Stainless steel bearings are key but easily overlooked components of many maternity sanitary napkins machine equipment.


  1. during operation, stainless steel bearings need to withstand a large part of the pressure, so there are usually high requirements for the hardness of stainless steel bearings, only bearings with sufficient hardness to ensure stable enough operation;.


  1. stainless steel bearings also need to withstand a lot of friction during the operation of the equipment. High-precision stainless steel bearings tend to have better wear resistance. By adding lubricating oil, you can increase the use of the bearing time and reduce the cost of the company for certain.


  1. Stainless steel bearings tend to generate a lot of heat during high-speed operation. Ordinary stainless steel bearings can adapt well to the high temperature working environment, the heat generated by friction can still withstand.


For the equipment, choose the right stainless steel bearings can improve the stable operation of multiple guarantees, to further play the value of the use of equipment.


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Dmitry Lepisov