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Feminine sanitary napkin machine inverter into the water treatment method

Feminine sanitary napkin machine into the water treatment method.

First of all, clearly tell you, into the water is not terrible, the terrible thing is into the water and electricity, that is almost hopeless, not explode is unfortunately a blessing.

Secondly, when not energized, the water can be completely handled. If the damage has become a foregone conclusion, the power must be immediately cut off to prevent the internal wiring burned to cause a fire, at this time to pay attention to fire prevention measures. The following are the specific steps on how to deal with water ingress when feminine sanitary napkin machine is not energized.

1) absolutely no electricity, first disassemble the operating panel, and then dry all parts.

2) dry the display, PC board, power components and fan with cold air from a hair dryer. At this time, you can not use hot air. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to burn the internal components.

3) scrub the parts in step 2 with alcohol containing 95% ethanol, and then continue to dry with a hair dryer.

4) dry in a ventilated and cool place for one hour, then scrub once more with alcohol and continue to dry with a hair dryer.

5) alcohol evaporation will take away most of the moisture. At this point can be disassembled hot air (low-temperature gear) again blowing the above components.

6) then focus on drying the following components: potentiometers, switching power transformers, displays (buttons), relays, contactors, reactors, fans (especially 220V), electrolytic capacitors, power modules, must be dried at low temperatures many times, switching power transformers, contactors, power modules more focused.

7) after completing the above six steps, pay attention to check whether there is water residue after drying the module, and check again after 24 hours whether there is back moisture, and dry the key components again.

8) After drying, you can try to power on, but must ensure that a pass on the break, and then observe the response of the machinery. If there is no abnormality, the power can be turned on.

If a customer will not disassemble the equipment, you can wait a few days to let it dry naturally, completely dry with filtered compressed gas blowing circuit board to prevent the dirt in the rain to stay on the circuit board, resulting in poor operation of heat dissipation, alarm shutdown.

In summary, as long as feminine sanitary napkin machine into the water when there is no electricity, generally will not be bad. The above method can be referred to PLC, switching power supply, air conditioning systems and other electrical components with circuit boards.


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Dmitry Lepisov