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Classification of common face masks

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Due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, mask protection is especially important and people are starting to pay attention to and understand masks. The functions of various masks are becoming more and more well known. So what is the classification of commonly used masks?

Ordinary gauze mask.

Ordinary gauze masks are fiber masks, and their flow blocking principle is mechanical blocking. Through this layer of mechanical blocking, large particles can be blocked, but particles less than 5 microns in diameter cannot be blocked.


Medical masks.

Medical masks are mostly made of one or more layers of non-woven fabric. The main production processes include meltblown, spunbond, hot air or needle punching. It is resistant to liquids and filters particulate matter and bacteria. It is a kind of medical textile.


Daily protective masks.

Mainly used to prevent haze.


Dust masks, anti-fume masks.

Generally used for occupational protection, anti-fog effect is better.

(1) Dust masks are mainly used for dust, smoke, fog, microorganisms, etc. Divided into KN100, KN95 and KN90 grade. Among them, KN100 grade can effectively prevent more than 99.97% of the rate of superfine dust.

(2) Anti-fume masks are mainly used to prevent oil smoke and oil fog. At the same time, it can prevent dust, smoke, fog and microorganisms. It is divided into KP100, KP95 and KP90 grade. Among them, KP100 grade can effectively prevent superfine dust rate over 99.97%.

(3) According to the style of mask, it can be divided into three types: discarded with, compound half mask and full mask.

Only by understanding the different types of masks can you choose the most suitable mask according to your environment and give yourself the best protection measures.


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