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Kao "Le but ya zero touch feathery cotton" national style limited package listed!


Feng Xiao nine days, peony graceful; Under the willows of the lotus, swallows fly; The nightingale sings under a bright moon; Scenes Juan beauty of the picture slowly unfolded, people enjoy the rhyme of the national wind. March 8 international women's day is coming, in order to help women better ease the physiological period, and bring soft close companionship and support, kao "music and elegant" brand launched in February 2022, "music and elegant zero touch feather feeling huai cotton limit loading", from the birds of the antique draw soft and powerful, as love add wing.

"Huai feather feeling cotton limited outfit" design inspiration originates from Chinese ancient tales of the birds, jingwei reclamation, magpie bridge meet, the sun west fall, in the essence of the traditional sinology, seemingly frivolous wings can touch the sky, in the wings contains great power is in the gentle appearance under the strong heart, let the time goes, the heart's desire is constancy. "Le Erya" hopes to convey the power of this gentle and powerful wings, so three kinds of ancient wings are added on the package: The lightsome and lively wings of swallows, the powerful wings of phoenix and the dedicated and quiet wings of nightingale symbolize the appreciation and blessing of "Le but ya" brand for women. We hope that women can not be affected by the menstrual period, with full wings, more wholeheartedly into their love, straight to the sky, to realize their dreams!

Feather sense cotton national style limited outfit
"Le Erya zero touch feather cotton" is delicate and soft, light and breathable. The surface layer is made of 12 micron fine and soft material with Japanese craftsmanship, bringing a delicate and smooth touch like feather, giving skin gentle and silky care. Extra thin 0.1cm, giving skin a natural breathable experience, "zero touch" thin and comfortable; Menstruation amount is much tidal surge also need not worry, can absorb full 2 pieces; Such as powerful "wings" at ease to guard the physiological period of those days.

Kao "happy and elegant zero touch feather feeling cotton national wind limited decoration" continues the spirit of birds such as Jingwei filling the sea, magmagy bridge meet, Jin Wu Xi falls and other mythological stories, with "feather soft force" to help women not confined to the physiological period of the trapped, with full wings, for the heart love walking!


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