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Factors affecting the quality of sanitary pad machine maintenance

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(1) The expected maintenance system of sanitary pad machine is not perfect. In recent years, the application of sanitary pad machine in various fields is becoming more and more common, in order to reduce the probability of failure in the process of use, the relevant departments gradually developed the corresponding machinery expected maintenance system, the establishment of the system provides an important system support for maintenance, the implementation of the system although to solve some of the problems in the process of use, but because the system is not perfect, can not completely solve all the failures in the process of use. Therefore, it is expected that the imperfection of the maintenance system is an important factor affecting the quality of mechanical maintenance. The maintenance system is separated from the equipment and lacks practicality, so that mechanical maintenance cannot achieve the desired effect.

(2) The problem of identification of sanitary pad machine parts. For any sanitary pad machine, its internal contains various parts, these parts are its important components, and most of the time the failure is caused by the parts problem. Mechanical maintenance quality will also be affected by component identification, because in the process of use, components will have certain wear and tear, through component identification, relevant maintenance personnel can timely find the problems of components, and then take targeted component maintenance strategy. But at present, many parts identification problems exist, so that the mechanical maintenance process parts problems are not handled in a timely manner, affecting the normal use.

(3) The maintenance and quality of parts is insufficient. The quality of mechanical maintenance can also be affected by the maintenance and quality of parts. For some parts, in the production process, the manufacturer did not strictly in accordance with the requirements of the use of parts parts processing, so that the parts production and processing itself there are certain quality defects, can not meet the requirements of reliable operation, so that the quality defects of the parts in the process of use will affect the overall operation of the equipment. In addition, when the parts fail in the process of sanitary pad machine operation, the relevant maintenance personnel did not effectively deal with these problems in a timely manner, or parts maintenance processing is not in place, the parts can not function in the operation.


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