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How many diapers will babies use in the first month?

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Introduction: Among the daily necessities of infants, the most frequently used and fastest consumed are diapers. In anticipation of a baby's arrival, mothers stock up on diapers in advance for the baby's daily use. But buying diapers for babies is not so easy.

1.The amount of diapers used per day for newborns.

Newborns eat and drink frequently on a daily basis, have more bowel movements, especially urine, and the small diapers of newborns absorb less urine. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the baby's diaper needs to be changed every 2~3 hours, and the daily diaper consumption is about 8~10 pieces.

If the baby has a large amount of bowel movements, even 12 diapers need to be changed every day, but this is a special case, not every day of the month. In this way, the baby needs to use about 240~350 pieces in the first month, and of course this needs to be considered with the model.


2.The type of baby diapers with.

When choosing a diaper for your baby, the size of the diaper is key. Babies can only be comfortable when the size is right. The size of the diaper is chosen according to the baby's weight. It will be divided into five models: NB, S, M, L and XL. babies of different weights wear different models.Newborns wear NB diapers because the weight of newborns is usually relatively small, so only mini diapers can be used. However, the baby's weight changes faster in the month after birth, so it is not necessary to buy too many NB diapers, about half a month need to be converted to S diapers, these two models should pay attention to the number of matching.


3.Changing diapers for newborns must not be a compromise

Diaper consumption is high, but diapers are not cheap, so many parents think about how to save money, so they start with the frequency of diaper changes for their babies. However, the proper use of diapers has a very important impact on the hygiene and cleanliness of the baby.


Therefore, parents should not settle for the use of baby diapers. The interval between diaper changes should not be too long, and diapers must be changed in time when they are full. It is also important to note that in changing the size, the baby must use a more relaxed size as the baby's weight increases, otherwise the model size is too small and can easily strangle the baby.


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