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The broad prospects and embarrassing status of liquid sanitary napkins

1.Liquid sanitary napkins were introduced.

Liquid sanitary napkin is no longer a new word, in 2014, Whisper broke the industry routine, launched a new product to lead the trend of science and technology - from the liquid material "future sense - extreme care".

However, it is said that this liquid sanitary napkin that will spark a revolution in women's comfort, it didn't hit the women's market as expected, but a flash in the pan, stirring up the waves and then return to calm.

Until recently, Whisper once again launched the "pure cotton liquid sanitary napkin", the liquid sanitary napkin market has set off a new wave.


2.What is a liquid sanitary napkin?

The reason this is called "liquid sanitary napkin" is because of the absorbent material inside it, which uses a liquid material called FlexFoamTM. This material is made of pure water and nano-molecular polymer, which is liquefied by emulsification technology. It not only has a very strong water absorption capacity, but also can absorb liquids 10 times heavier than itself, and does not change its structure due to temperature and other effects, so it has a strong water absorption. So the experience of this high-tech material compared to the cotton fibers used in general sanitary napkins speaks for itself.

3.The future development direction of sanitary napkins.

In recent years, the penetration rate of China's feminine hygiene products market has basically reached 100%, and the products can only go to high-end development with the increase in the frequency of use by users. In this situation, product innovation seems to be gradually becoming an aspect of concern.

Whisper's vision for the future of the sanitary napkin market is to create a "sense of science" sanitary napkin. The market-savvy Whisper has aware that consumers have long been fans of natural fibers, starting with T-shirts and crossing over to intimate hygiene products, thus bringing "North American cotton liquid sanitary napkins".


More and more women with spending power and value their own experiences are willing to make new attempts in both.

The market for liquid sanitary napkins has not yet been opened, but the prospect is a blue ocean.


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