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Smart diapers

How do diapers open a new experience? When it comes to diapers, many people's first impression may still be & ldquo; Urine leakage and skin itching & rdquo; And other outdated keywords. In the era of network intelligence, diapers are also moving towards a new development path of reform and innovation.


Aishule network Zhilian adult diapers is an adult care intelligent product developed based on Internet of things technology. Remote real-time monitoring through cloud data transmission, 24-hour intimate nurse reminder, scientific and intelligent control of patients' time to change diapers, sleep state, posture, is a subversive change in the field of bed rest nursing!

01 conductive ink, real-time monitoring of moisture.

For diapers containing conductive ink, the ink is safe and reliable after professional skin contact test, and is equipped with a removable sensor. The sensor is placed on the diaper adhesive, which can transmit the data to the app in real time when the humidity of diapers rises, and monitor its water content in time. The sensor has no contact with the patient's skin, which is hygienic and safe and easy to replace.


02 intelligent terminal equipment can be seen and queried at any time.

Now the sensor can be connected through Bluetooth, mobile phone, iPad, etc. Children can't stay on the side of the old man all the time and take good care of the old man. The sensor can directly transmit data to the application through Bluetooth, so that children can know the situation of the elderly at any time.


03 patient posture examination.

The sensor can carry out all-round real-time monitoring of the sleeping position of bedridden patients, and the intelligent terminal can clearly display the lying position and supine state at a glance, which can remind patients whether they need to adjust their posture.


04 power storage - reuse.

The sensor is equipped with paper diapers and adopts Bluetooth chip with small volume and low power consumption. It can be recharged and reused. The operation is simple. The small battery can be used for more than half a year.


05 constantly develop reminder function.

We will continue to develop more functions, mainly the reminder function in the near future. If there is abnormal moisture, the family or caregiver will be notified immediately, and the family will change diapers after receiving the notice. The family can also set the humidity value by themselves. For example, when the humidity reaches 70%, the intelligent terminal will give an audio prompt to facilitate the family to take better care of the patient.


Aishule intelligent care diapers meet more human needs. For bedridden elders, they can let their children have a real-time grasp of their parents' health outside; For nursing institutions / medical places, it can improve nursing efficiency, reduce labor costs and reduce the mental pressure of nursing staff.


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