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What material does the diaper use to absorb water?

# Diapers

Water absorption and water locking principle: now high-quality diapers are mainly composed of wood pulp and polymers. Polymers will become rigid after absorbing water gel, and begin to set up balls (commonly known as TUG). Adding wood pulp can make diapers as smooth and soft as possible. nbsp;


The absorption of polymers is hundreds to thousands of times their own weight. To prevent liquid infiltration, it can only absorb water, and it is difficult to separate water even under pressure. Therefore, after absorbing urine, the diaper will expand and become larger and heavier. If you take it to the sun, you will find it difficult to dry! Even if it is dried, it will not return to its original appearance. The expansion process is irreversible after water absorption. After using it once, it basically loses the ability of absorbing water, and it is easy to leak urine after drying.


Surface / bottom material: the diaper structure can be divided into three layers: surface covering layer, middle absorption layer and bottom cloth.

The surface layer of urine pants is made of non-woven fabric, and the bottom material is mainly PE film. Compared with ordinary textiles, the surface non-woven fabric has relatively poor strength and durability. Its fibers are arranged in a certain direction, easy to crack from the right angle direction and easy to deform after washing. The bottom PE film (polyethylene) is an impermeable membrane. Polyethylene is easy to age, and aging, fading and cracking are easy to occur when exposed to the sun. Therefore, it is recommended not to dry it.


Diapers worn by babies will leave bacteria. The surface protective layer of used diapers has been damaged (even if they are only exposed to the sun), and it is easy to infect bacteria when reused. In addition, due to repeated use, the water absorption becomes poor, and the baby's buttocks are always in contact with wet diapers, which is easy to cause urine rash (red buttocks) and even erosion after damp. If the repeated use of diapers makes the baby's health go wrong, it will be troublesome.

Cause of urine rash (red butt): the baby's metabolism is very active, especially the metabolism of water. In addition, the bladder is small, so he has to pee several times a day. Younger, more frequent urination. If you don't take care of it in time, your little ass is often wet. Wet skin is fragile and can easily cause diaper rash (red ass).


The surface layer of diapers is made of special materials. In order to ensure air permeability, there are many small holes invisible to the eyes. Liquid and gas can pass through these holes. The outer side of the diaper feels wet because the hot and humid air has dispersed.


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