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Are sanitary napkins and diapers made of the same material?

# Diapers

The two items are used in different people themselves, so the material will certainly not be the same.

Diapers are baby products, baby's skin is sensitive and fragile, so the diaper material is required to be better. 

In fact, whether you buy sanitary napkins or diapers, you have to choose a trustworthy brand, the materials used by well-known brands are generally better, cleaner and safer.

Do sanitary napkins and diapers use the same materials?

The materials of the two are not exactly the same, and the biggest difference is reflected in the proportional distribution of the same material used.

Both include the following two materials (only absorbent materials are mentioned here): wood pulp fibers, and polymeric absorbents.


First, a brief introduction.

1.Wood pulp: Wood fibers are unique in having a large number of irregular gaps, and these natural gaps are extremely hydrophilic and can hold a large amount of water.

  1. Polymer water-absorbent resin: Highly absorbent resin is a new functional polymer. Its ability to absorb water is hundreds to thousands of times heavier than itself, and has good water retention properties, once the water absorption swells into a gel, even difficult to separate the water out.

For sanitary napkins, the absorption cost performance of wood pulp is higher, accounting for 70-80% of the absorption amount of sanitary napkins.Because the polymer water absorbent is not suitable to absorb the viscous liquid and is expensive, it accounts for 20-30% of the sanitary napkin absorptive materials.


From a structural level, the diaper surface layer is made of non-woven fabric, and the bottom material is mainly PE film or PE + non-woven fabric. 

Sanitary napkins and diapers, like its lower layer is also made of PE film, but there are some differences in the surface layer, sanitary napkins are divided into two types of surface layer, PE perforated film surface layer and cotton surface layer.

The first layer of sanitary napkins is a soft surface, or a dry surface, which is suitable for absorbing blood clots, thick liquids, etc. The absorption rate is not fast because of the large amount of liquid.


Because of the baby's urine, the absorption rate of the fabric will be higher. Diapers meet this characteristic and keep the baby's butt dry at all times.


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