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In the new consumption era, why can short videos win?


Do you watch short videos?

At what time? Where?

What is your purpose?

Have you ever purchased the products recommended in the video?

What kind of video can arouse your desire to buy?

First, let's look at a set of numbers to help you find the sense of identity in big data.

According to iResearch's Usertracker monitoring data, in 2019 China's short video apps are divided into five age ranges in terms of age distribution, namely under 24 years old (accounting for 28.5%), 25-30 years old (24.9%), 31-35 years old age (26.4%), 36-40 years old (14.2%), and under 40 years old (6.0%). It is not difficult to see that the people with high demand for short videos are mainly concentrated in the post-90s and post-00s, and the proportion of the population at this stage is up to 79.8%


Data source: iiMedia Consulting

What if the percentage number is applied to the population?According to the annual statistical bulletin issued by the National Bureau of Statistics, the current number of post-90s is 209.66 million, and the post-00s is 163.07 million.


Data source: The Seventh National Census Statistics in 2020

In this age group, the active number of short video platforms has reached 297.7 million, and the total population in this age group is only 373 million.

Let's process the data again to make it more concrete.

As a learning website with extremely high utilization rate of the younger generation: BiliBili, in the second quarter of 2021, the statistics show that the monthly active users of station B reached 237 million, a year-on-year increase of 38%; Among them, the monthly active users of mobile terminal reached 220 million, with a year-on-year increase of 44%. Meanwhile, the number of daily active users reached 63 million, a year-on-year increase of 24%.

This is equivalent to one of the six young people who pass you in a day is brushing BiliBili.

According to QuestMobile, the number of short video users in 2019 has exceeded 820 million. Among them, the three short video products of ByteDance have nearly 590 million deduplication users; Kuaishou users have reached 340 million.


Photo credit: Pexels Photographer: Kaique Rocha


In addition to a large number of users, we have also unlocked various new postures for tracking hotspots through mobile phones.


Just turn on the phone, whether it's eating, walking, going to the toilet, bathing, cooking, doing housework, they almost stay with the phone all the time.There are also data showing that the post-1995 generation can use mobile phones for 8.33 hours a day, which we call "mobilephone syndrome", or "mobile phone dependence", also known as mobile phone addiction.

Due to the changing times, we are getting more and more advanced in our contact with mobile phones. A survey of 1,000 parents of infants and young children aged 0-5 showed that the usage rate of young children's smartphones was 80.4%.


Image credit: Pexels Photographer: Ron Lach


In the current era of information explosion, the information from our surroundings that we have to process every day is a huge and immeasurable number. After receiving the support of the mobile phone, the active thinking is more like being tied to a rocket, the information reception increases exponentially, and fatigue has become a major daily life of the youth.

But are we really addicted to playing mobile phones all the time? In fact, the significance of mobile phones is more than that. The development of digital economy makes shopping, information transmission and payment more convenient. After we receive information stimulation, dopamine secretion promotes happy mood. When you hear Li Jiaqi calling babies / beauties, you will have to pay for this "If you don't buy, you'll lose"; Each person in the live studio "Successfully paid”, contributing to Li Jiaqi's ” The father of success”.The live broadcast started on the afternoon of October 20, and within 12 and a half hours, the transaction volume of the live broadcast room reached 10.65 billion yuan.


 The data contrast is not strong enough? Take out our unit of measurement: KIDSWANGT.

We learned from the first financial report of Kidswant after listing: Q3 financial report that the revenue of Kidswant in the third quarter of fiscal year 2021 was RMB 2.159 billion; A year-on-year increase of 9.21%; The net profit was 77.0493 million yuan. From January to September of fiscal year 2021, the revenue of Kidswant was 6.597 billion yuan. 1 (double 11, Li Jiaqi) = 1.61 (child Wang from January to September).

Look popular words this year:


High consumption caused by e-commerce exists in short video platforms in various forms. The "high consumption" here refers not only to the amount of consumption, but also to the frequency of consumption. Some data show that the short, flat and fast videos allow more than 60% of users to "place an order with passion" in just 30 seconds.

Tiktok E-commerce and Huge Calculations jointly released the "2021 Tiktok E-commerce "Shake in Explosion List" Trend Insight Report". According to Tiktok user survey data, 76% of users have purchased popular items in the past year, of which 51% will repurchase . Among the popular crowd, 80% choose to buy on Douyin, they think "it's more convenient to buy while watching". It is understood that in April this year, the "Shake in Hot Money List" was launched. Up to now, more than 15,000 lists have been released, covering nearly 100 major categories, more than 700,000 products on the list, and more than 6.6 million users.


Data source: chinaz

In the data released by iiMedia Consulting, a study was conducted on the reasons why users watch live streaming in 2020 China's online live streaming industry. 46.2% of users watch live streaming in order to learn about product information and purchase goods.

We call this the "fan economy" in terms of which bloggers are more motivated to buy.


Yes, compared with the high consumption potential of celebrity fans, small and medium-sized bloggers investing in short video platforms are actually a more sensible choice. The positioning of fan groups is different, and the continuous output of short video platforms and accurate fan groups are "effective traffic". Small and medium-sized bloggers also distinguish a variety of video styles and implanted content. The maternal and child industry is more inclined to parenting experts to bring goods, the crowd is accurate, and there are similar consumer needs. Resonating is the premise for consumers to buy. In addition, professional maternal and infant media and platforms have gradually become important reference data for consumers. The endorsement of professional platforms has a direct effect on enhancing brand power. At the same time, they also bring goods to the bottom, and provide an alternative platform for products.


Source: feigua (Tiktok)

Of course, when choosing similar bloggers, you should also pay attention to avoiding advertisements of some "professional institutions". Many institutions perform "face-changing" for fans under the guise of evaluation and recommendation, and promote two faces before and after. Fans jokingly said, "Don't blame me, they gave too much." Such evaluations will likely have an impact on brand building and affect brand image.

Based on the above analysis, has created two accounts with different styles of "Mother and Baby Office" and "Mother and Baby Little Red Riding Hood" for the short video platform, and settled on the most popular short video and long video platforms: Tiktok, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili and Himalaya have even opened a column of "Good Store, Good Things, Good Brand" on the homepage of the official website of, which allows the media attributes to deepen the influence on consumers and agents. Various styles of shooting methods are suitable for consumer groups. Efficient conversion of agents and third-party groups.


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