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Inspect the quality of diapers from five aspects

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1. Inspect the softness of diapers.

As the daily necessities closest to the baby's skin, everything takes the baby's tender skin as the starting point. For the baby, strong and thick diapers will be as uncomfortable as a knife when used on the body. On the contrary, soft and comfortable diapers will make the baby feel considerate and safe.

2. Inspect the appearance of diapers.

The outer material of diapers is mainly a layer of film like paper cloth, which is used to prevent urine leakage. However, the outer film of some brands has a greater tactile and gel, which may have a higher defense against urine leakage. The disadvantage is that it feels very uncomfortable and is easy to cause baby skin allergy.

3. Investigation on the cutting of diapers.

Each diaper is made by different templates and machines, and there are some differences in design, cutting and technology. Proper tailoring of baby's thigh circumference plays an important role in preventing leakage detection. The elastic and fine rubber band is softer, firmer and more close to the body, which greatly improves the leak resistance of the leg circumference.

4. Investigation on the thickness of diapers.

The thickness of baby diapers is also a very important reference factor. Generally speaking, thinner products contain more water absorbent resin, while thicker products contain more fluff pulp. However, diapers will not affect their absorption capacity because of their thickness. For babies, of course, the thicker the product, the lower its comfort, and even affect the air permeability of diapers, causing skin allergies, eczema and other symptoms.

5. Investigation of waist patch.

The whole long diapers are fixed on the baby's waist by two thin waist stickers. The traditional waist stickers are generally plastic stickers. The advantage is that they can firmly fix the diapers on the baby's hip and are not easy to fall off. The disadvantage is that the plastic stickers are easy to cause the baby's skin allergy. It is difficult to remove them when they are not careful, especially when the baby is sleeping, The sound of tearing and pulling the plastic sticker is very loud, which is easy to wake up the sleeping baby.


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