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ADORABLE explores a new road of brand development in China's maternal and infant industry


"Competition promotes development, and crisis brings progress." These two sentences are very suitable for the development of China's maternal and child industry. Since the late 1990s, with the improvement of national conditions, diapers have entered the domestic market with the advantages of being more convenient, hygienic and healthier, driven by the strong promotion of foreign brands. Traditional diapers are more worry-free and safer "new products".


Seeing the new market emerging in China, smart Chinese people quickly discovered new business opportunities and began to enter the "diaper" industry one after another. However, due to the lack of core technology, the backward manufacturing process, and the difficulty in following up the production raw materials and market supervision. Until 2000, the Chinese diaper market was firmly dominated by foreign brands, and the share of imported diapers in the domestic market was as high as 97.9%. However, with China's entry into the WTO, the integration with the world has given China more opportunities to obtain more learning opportunities and channels. The development of the diaper industry has entered a new development period, and the data has begun to climb step by step. The time has come to 2019, and domestic diapers finally Its market share can rival that of imported diapers, but its total sales and profits cannot be compared with its rivals.


Recently, Foshan Nanhai District Oasis Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. officially launched a forum activity with the help of its brand "Adorable" to celebrate the second anniversary of its establishment, and agreed to discuss the matter of "revitalizing China's maternal and child industry and developing national enterprise brands". Zhou Sujing, founder of the Adorable brand and chairman of Foshan Nanhai District Oasis Sanitary Products Co., Ltd., said that the reason for the establishment of Adorable is that he has worked in the maternal and infant industry for many years, and personally understands that many foreign brands are domestically produced and listed for sale, but only because the brands belong to foreign countries. It will make Chinese consumers pay up to 40% more "brand royalties". She has always had strong self-esteem and national feelings, and has always been determined to build a domestic mother and baby brand. It is also based on high quality, strict requirements, in-depth processing, and multi-faceted testing to produce cheaper, higher quality, healthier, and can enhance the nation. Honorable Chinese brand diapers. In 2019, I finally got the opportunity to create the "Adorable" mother and baby brand. In the past few years of development, I am more and more confident in the rise of domestic products.

Wanle, who is also the founder of the Adorable brand, shared in the forum that the "Adorable" brand was originally created because his twin babies could use more assured products, and he was recommended by industry expert and close friend Zhou Sujing. During the discussion, when I inadvertently talked about the "domestic and imported dispute" of diapers, it actually coincided with Zhou Sujing and Mo Manping's ideas. The three jointly created "Adorable" and developed it to this day. The higher and higher quality of Albei and the better and better market feedback have boosted their confidence. Therefore, this forum was launched with the help of the second anniversary celebration of the "Adorable" brand. Follow your dreams." From the development history of Ai Erbei to enhance the confidence of more people in the industry, with the theme of "the rise of domestic products, the revitalization of the nation", it calls on more domestic experts in the maternal and infant industry to join in "developing China's maternal and infant industry with all their strength, and creating domestic famous and excellent maternal and infant "brand".


The forum was very successful, and the guests expressed that they would make every effort to promote the glorious mission of "national brand for the nation, Chinese mothers and babies to the world".

Today, China's development is ushering in a new opportunity for a century of development. The maternal and infant industry has begun to gain new opportunities for development after being suppressed by foreign brands for many years. , more people will start to promote the development of domestic maternal and infant brands, while strengthening quality and innovation, improve the operation model, bring China's maternal and infant industry and products into a new situation, and allow consumers to share better, safer and At the same time of lower-priced products, it truly walks the road of success in the rise of China's maternal and child industry.



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