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Elittle creates a parent-child age-based travel standard, leading a new trend in the industry


Recently, elittle has won a number of very gold industry awards, including "annual popular brand award", "annual most investment value brand" awarded by TBI, "2021 annual popular domestic goods award" issued by the baby tree golden tree award and "2021 China's most valuable new brand household, daily TOP list" issued by the wave of new consumption.

How to develop a new generation of parent-child travel brand

According to 2020 White Paper on the Ways of Parenting in Chinese Families, the new generation of mothers has a brand-new "mother value". They have a passion for career, a girlish heart that loves beauty, and a childlike innocence to accompany their children. On the one hand, they are keen on easy parenting, are not bound by the role label of mother, and prefer a friendly parent-child relationship; on the other hand, they pursue happy parenting, and when purchasing products, they are willing to please themselves while meeting the needs of the baby.

As a new generation of parent-child travel brand, elittle puts the perspective on the new generation of mothers, and also on the connection and balance of parent-child relationship.Based on the deep insight into user needs and market pain points, elittle deeply focuses on the whole scene of parent-child travel, takes the lead in breaking through the new upgrade and iteration of brand products, paying attention to "light and simple travel, fun on the way".

On the product level, elittle also take "light and simple" as the criterion, adhering to the product concept of practical function, practical appearance, practical spirit, that is , "Practical Aesthetics" , as well as new technology, new materials, new materials and new components of "three new" research and development drive product innovation iteration, with both practicability and humanized experience of hardcore product to reduce the burden on parent-child travel, which truly liberated the mothers "left and right hand".

The first parent-child age-based travel standard
Elittle leads the new trend of the industry

If it is said that with its precise brand positioning and outstanding product strength, elittle has opened up a differentiated competition situation, then the next step is to go deeper to grasp the trend factors of demand changes, and through category innovation and industry occupation , precipitate it into its own brand potential.

In the era of refined parenting, it is difficult for one product to meet the needs of different users and at different stages. The age-based segmentation of products has become an irreversible consumption trend in the maternal and infant market. In the field of parent-child travel, many brand merchants ignore that babies have different needs and feelings for baby strollers at different growth stages. Although the maternal and infant user groups subjectively have more consideration on the safety, comfort and convenience of the baby's travel, they are still trapped in the status quo of the industry objectively, and they do not know how to choose a safe and professional travel product according to the current baby's physical development. Knowing the importance of user needs, the keen elittle pioneered the "three-stage age-classified travel standard for parent-child Lotto" after insight into the user's pain point, namely Letu I section escort travel, Letu II section exploration travel, Letu III section fun travel, aiming at babies at different growth stages of 0-6 months, 6 months-3 years and 3-7 years old, and scientifically subdivides them to promote parent-child travel by age, to create a new way more suitable for baby and child travel in China, and provide a new generation of young parents with more light and happy parent-child travel options.

From the perspective of user age attributes, people aged 0-7 are a huge consumer group. The difference in physiological structure determines the differentiation of travel scenarios, which also force brands to tend to be diversified, subdivided and personalized to a certain extent, wein product designforces brands to diversify and fine-tune product design to a certain extent. For example, for a 0-6 month old baby, the brain and spine are not fully developed, and the body functions are more sensitive and delicate, and their range of activities is more centered on home; of babies have started to learn or have learned to crawl and walk, and are in the stage of curious exploration of new things, and short-distance parent-child travel has become the norm; for babies aged 3-7, after they have rich language experience and social skills, they will have More parent-child activities or long-distance self-driving tours...

Elittle fully considers the different physiological needs of infants and children during the growth period and the convenience needs of parents when using it, divides its products into age groups, and adds a series of more targeted functional designs to solve consumers' multiple travel scenarios. Usage requirements.

Based on the diverse travel scenarios of babies of different ages, elittle also extends the product matrix to many fields including maternal and child products, travel products, safety protection products, etc., covering strollers, safety seats, scooters, meals Chairs, children's beds, sunscreen lotions, wet wipes, cotton soft towels, comfort toys, educational toys and other products have truly provided consumers with a one-stop travel solution for walking, using, caring and playing, allowing young people to travel. Parents enjoy the joy of traveling, the joy of parent-child, and the joy of growing up.

As an industry explorer and leader, elittle has always focused on user needs. Through a comprehensive analysis of the maternal and infant consumer groups, elittle has continued to make efforts from multiple dimensions such as product upgrades and brand innovation. Winning a number of industry authoritative awards this time is just the beginning. We have reason to believe that, step by step, elittle will inspire infinite possibilities in the future.


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