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Diaper manufacturers talk about how to choose suitable diapers for BB!

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With the gradual maturity of the baby diaper Market and the opening of the second child, there is an increasing demand for diapers in the market. Therefore, there are many diaper wholesalers in the market outside the market, including types and styles. There are so many baby diapers in the market outside. How can you pay for themBBChoose the right diapers? Diaper manufacturers talk about how to do it!

1. Quality:This is the first consideration, because the baby's skin is more delicate and has poor resistance, which is no more than our adults. Any unqualified product will cause certain harm to the baby. When choosing, the mother should try to choose a trusted brand and try not to be cheap.

2. Water absorption:The water absorption is large and rapid. In order to avoid the baby being wet for a long time, the baby will have red hips for a long time, so try to avoid the baby being wet for a long time, so as to be more conducive to the baby's health.

3. Flexibility:The softness of diapers is very important. Good softness will make your baby more comfortable.

4. Dimensions:Try to buy according to your baby's size. Don't buy so many at a time. Because your baby grows up very fast, changing your size often is the key.

5. Price:Mothers try not to choose low-quality and cheap products, because the price of high-quality products is not cheap, but it doesn't mean that high prices must be a good thing.

6. Manufacturer's reputation:When we buy baby diapers, we check the reputation and scale of the manufacturer to prevent the purchase of small workshop products. There is no guarantee.

7. Date:Mothers should pay attention to the date of the product in case the product expires or is about to expire. If the expired product is still in use, it will bring a series of discomfort to the baby.


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