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Ultra-thin breathable core


Climaflex from ontex is the core technology of the next generation of baby diapers developed by the company's engineers and R & D team in Germany.

Babies tend to sweat more than adults, but their skin is much thinner, so they are prone to rashes and allergies. Climaflex technology allows heat to be transferred across the entire surface of the diaper, ensuring air permeability and heat regulation to keep the baby's skin dry.

The diaper with climaflex technology has a double-layer core, one of which can quickly absorb the liquid, and the second layer can safely lock the liquid in a very fast way even in the worst conditions of frequent movement of the baby.


Diaper channels are designed to handle areas where boys and girls most need fluid absorption and distribution. Starting from the central urinal point, the liquid can enter quickly and distribute through the branches of the channel core to provide immediate and lasting drying.

Freedom of movement is essential when learning to walk, run and play, while climaflex has a lighter core and clever curves to provide a safe and comfortable fit even when saturated.

Ontex has more than 90 granted and pending patents to protect innovation in climaflex, covering more than 38 countries. In addition, it has 12 registered designs to protect the decorative aspects of climaflex. These patents join a large and growing patent portfolio and protect many product features that enhance dryness, comfort and absorption, such as fast drying technology, secondry and channel technology, which can accelerate absorption.

Climaflex technology was first launched under the brand of ontex little big change in six European countries and will be promoted in retail diaper brands.

“We are excited about our new technology, both from a technical and business perspective,” said Annick De Poorter, executive vice president of innovation and sustainability at Ontex. “We are the first company to guarantee even the harshest conditions. Manufacturer of advanced absorbent retail brands - on par with one of the main promises of Europe's leading A brand of baby diapers. For parents, the comfort of the baby's skin is a key purchase driver, as leaks are avoided as the baby moves around. "


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